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College Quest opened in 1994.  Today, we can boast that we've helped thousands of students over the past two decades, including many high school counselors' own kids!  In addition to offering classes at our center in Bloomfield Hills, we also conduct many classes at area high schools, including University Liggett, Regina, Notre Dame Prep, Farmington Mercy, University of Detroit, and Lutheran Northwest. 

Are you college bound?
The college admissions process continues to be as competitive as ever. At College Quest we’ve been providing ACT and SAT preparation courses to students in the Detroit area for more than 20 years, and in that time we’ve learned quite a bit about these tests. In fact, we believe we know more about these tests than anyone around!  Call us if you'd like us to share some of our wisdom!

Recommended by more high school counselors than any other test-prep course
We go beyond simply reviewing the content, we teach you the "language" of the test.

We’re the only test prep company that will tutor for free outside of class, letting you return forever, for free. We even let students return for private tutoring for free!

Instructors with at least 20 years experience teaching ACT and SAT prep classes

Our experience gives you the best chance to improve your score because we understand what types of problems students typically have. And we know these tests so well, we could write them ourselves!

Ever notice as the school year progresses, you get a better feel for what a particular teacher expects you to know for an exam?  It's the same with the ACT.  It's not enough to simply know that the ACT tests, for example, run-ons.  You need to know how they test them, how often they test them, and what common wrong answers they'll throw at you.

We call that the "language" of the test.  The ACT and SAT each have their own unique "language", and our job is to teach you that language. And once you learn that, the rest is easy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Our guarantee is unique in this business. We pledge honesty!  No one can guarantee any score increase. That's just common sense.  Yes, we know on average that students will increase their ACT scores about 4 points.  The question is, what will we do if you feel like you need more help?  

If you are not satisfied with your results, even if your scores have increased four points or more, we will work with you individually (if you've been enrolled in our 12-session course) as well as allow you to repeat the class (7 or 12 session course)  FOREVER. FOR FREE.  And we'll keep working with you for as long as it takes for you to get the score you want.  No additional fees will ever be charged.  

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