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Is it better to wait until closer to your actual ACT or SAT test-date before enrolling in a preparation program?  With many test-preparation programs the answer may be yes.  Ours is different: 


We let all our students return forever for free, even for individual tutoring.

We are the only test-prep course that does this! You can continue to work to raise your score throughout the school year, even on a one-to-one basis, and not have to pay anything, so you’ll actually be getting much more value for the cost of the course.


You're not in school!

You’ll actually have time to do homework for our class; you won’t be exhausted from a long day of school; you won’t be as busy with sports, clubs, and other activities.  In other words, you’ll get much more out of our course. Students have always raised their test-scores more in our summer courses than any other time of the year.


You’ll be able to identify your weaknesses and have more time to address those issues.

Finishing the ACT on time is not easy.  It can take lots of practice for some to finish on time.  In the summer, you’ll have time to practice.  You’ll learn what English and Math concepts you actually need to brush up on or actually learn, so when you're in school in the fall, you’ll know what math chapters are on the  ACT or SAT and what grammar skills you need to review.


You don’t have to worry about missing a class.

If you’re taking a class to finish right before the actual ACT or SAT and you have to miss a class you may not have time to make it up, assuming the course you are in even allows for make-ups.  If you miss one of our classes in the summer you’ll  have months to make it up.  And yes, we do make-ups, even individually.


You’ll raise your score more!

As mentioned above, since you’re not in school, so it’s much easier to do homework for us and really put some quality time into studying for these silly tests. 


You can continue to work on raising your score.

By taking a course in the summer you have the luxury of time.  This gives you the opportunity to continue to practice throughout the school year without feeling like your “cramming” for the exam.  If you can do even just one practice test per month, even one test every two months, throughout the school year, imagine how high your score could be by the following June.  And remember, we’ll sit with you on an individual basis and go over those tests-for free!




To be blunt, why would you spend money to prep for a test that no one knows much about?


Imagine you had a test in Algebra II coming up with a certain teacher.  You can choose between two friends to study with. One friend has a drawer full of that teacher’s old tests from past years of the exact chapter the test will be on.  The other friend is good at math but goes to a different school.  Who would you choose to study with?


The SAT was completely revamped in 2016.  There are no old tests to examine for content.  There are no old tests to examine for patterns and trends.  Anyone who claims to tutor or offers classes for the new SAT is selling you a guess - because that’s all anyone can do at this point.


The ACT has remained largely the same since 1989.  


And since every college in the nation accepts either test for admissions, why wouldn’t you choose to study for the test where you can actually use old tests to study for the new one?


12-Session SAT/ACT Course ($675)
This course consists of 12 sessions, each two to three hours long. This course reviews concepts students consistently see on the ACT and SAT and how these concepts are tested. Strategies applicable to the ACT are emphasized, although SAT will be discussed as well when there is crossover. Since the content of both tests is similar, our course will help for the SAT, and sample tests will be available. We also discuss the essay portion of the test.  All materials, including sup-plementary materials, are included.

7-Session ACT/SAT Course​ ($425)
This course consists of 7 sessions, each two hours long, except where noted. It focuses on major concepts students will see on the ACT and how they are tested. The main differences between the 7 session course and the 12 session course are the amount of time we have to practice in class and the depth of English and Math content we can cover. We will also cover the essay component of the test. Students may repeat any portion of any course as often as they wish. All materials, including supplementary materials, are included. Results are guaranteed.

We now offer a 7-session SAT only class.  See the schedules & registration form for more info.


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